The Sunkin  Center is a premium international super grade-A commercial complex investment by the Sunkin Group. This project is located in the newly developed center of Tang Dao Bay’s Finance, Science, and Technology Innovation Zone in the West Coast Area of Qingdao City. The full scale of the project consumes more than 180,000 m2 of real estate between Binhai Avenue and Tangdao Bay Park.
The Sunkin Center enjoys an unobstructed view of the surrounding sea to three of its faces and one view of the cityscape and skyline to its fourth. 
The superstructure utilizes steel and concrete to form the core frame of its iconic U-shaped twin towers. The crest of buildings A and B stand at 165m and 99m tall respectively. Further, the habitable area for each level is 2,000 m2 and 1,600 m2 respectively.
The wave-like lobby mise-en-scène blends the center’s entrance with the ambiance of the bay. The lobby is a column-free large-span shared foyer of 2,500 m2 with a ceiling breadth of nearly 19m; achieved through the implementation of post-tensioning.
This project introduces Qingdao’s most extensive intelligent global forward HVAC technology system with an operating volume of up to 80,000 m2 dubbed Variable Air Volume, or VAV for short. VAV is designed to be the most efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly central air conditioning system currently on the market.
The construction of the superstructure, surrounding garden terrace, as well as the towers’ internal components have all been completed.
The Sunkin  Center aims to provide a high-quality working space for international enterprises to establish a foothold in Qingdao. It is committed to serving companies as a platform for converting high-technology research into business innovation. The center has a keen ambition to become the vascular engine in the West Coast Area for economic development and scientific research.


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