“Sunkin Spirit, Sunkin Speed, Sunkin Integrity”
Core Value- Sunkin Spirit Representative Corporate Anecdote:
Mr.Fang Cun He, the chairman of Sunkin group discovered a huge demand towards package industry in 1995. He chose to start a business with less than 10,000 RMB as his initial capital and there wasn’t anyone around that could help him. When he stated his own business, everything was new and full of challenge. Vocabularies such as marketing, production, HR were brand new for Mr.Fang Cun He. However, a tiny packaging company grew to a multicultural corporation tha
Operational Value- Sunkin Integrity Representative Corporate Anecdote:
There is a principle that Sunkin group follows when trading with other companies – Integrity. Sunkin group refuses to take advantage over its partner and this is the reason why many of our partners chose to cooperate with Sunkin. Sunkin values integrity and win-win more than just profit.
Administrative Value- Sunkin Speed Representative Corporate Anecdote:
Construction of Double Tree by Hilton was initiated by 12th June 2006 and the expected finish time was December 2017. People thought building a hotel within a year and a half was impossible. Despite all the doubts, Double Tree by Hilton Qingdao/Chengyang had its grand opening at 18th Dec 2017 under the supervision of Sunkin Speed. Still, Double Tree by Hilton Qingdao/Chengyang remains as the fastest five star hotel built-in China.