Guihua Garden

SUNKIN Osmanthus Garden, located at No. 789 heilongjiang Middle Road, Qingdao city, is a regional representative building built by Xinjiang Group. The total construction surface of the project is about 600,000 square meters, and it will be developed in four phases. The first, second and third phases have been put into use and are currently being sold as SUNKIN Osmanthus Garden Phase 4 Tingxiang.

In terms of gardens,SUNKIN Osmanthus Garden | ting xiang has hired a professional landscape design company to create a new Asian garden with craftsmanship. About 5,000 square meters of central axis water system, plus up to 40% of the landscape greening rate, so that the whole park is full of four seasons. The park is the most eye-catching, is introduced from the southwest of China's precious tree "osmanthus tree." During the Mid-Autumn festival, sweet osmanthus fragrance is soaked in the air and fragrance is wafted across a thousand miles. Moreover, the park selects all kinds of precious fruit trees and transplant them into the community. The multiple garden layers, with the ornament of clusters of osmanthus flowers, add a smart color to the whole community and perfectly improve the living quality.

Surrounded by two mountains of SUNKIN Osmanthus Garden |TingXiang,, with laoshan forest in the east and danshan mountains in the south, it has excellent ecological resources. North of the source river, the beauty of infinite, become a rare ecological livable place!

Xinjiang · GUI garden | tingxiang commercial supporting resources are perfect. To the north is SUNKIN ORIENTIL CASTLE, which covers an area of 170,000 m2. The shopping mall has jiayue supermarket, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald's, Suning appliances, Huayi Brothers cinema, food city and other comprehensive commercial formats. To the north, there are international arts and Crafts City and other upscale shopping malls, perfect commercial resources can meet the one-stop shopping, leisure, entertainment needs.

At present, the project presents the balanced villa of the main city with a surface of about 173-185 square meters, dedicated to senior citizens. The leisure space on the negative ground floor, the courtyard between flowers on the first floor, the viewing terrace and storage space on the top floor are of many high value-added qualities, creating unlimited imagination for life. About 3.3 meters of remarkable height, 9 villas independent group, the more collection, the more contention! VIP buying hotline: 0532-8088 8777.


Guihua GardenProject Introduction
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Board building (foreign house, small high-rise, villa)
No.789 Heilongjiang Middle Road, Chengyang, Qingdao (the south of Oriental Castle)
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