Mission on the Shoulder with Heart Devoting to the Party
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       Over the past century, came along with journey of vicissitudes, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has been keeping up with time. The original aspiration and mission have always inspired the Chinese people to forge ahead.

       Over the past 26 years, Qingdao SUNKIN Group has grown into a diversified group enterprise integrating real estate development, hotel operation and social welfare. Upholding the banner of staying true to the founding mission, SUNKIN Group has been forging ahead amid the challenges. Taking “supporting the comprehensive development of cities, pursuing quality life” as its own responsibility, SUNKIN Group has been leading the process of high-quality living, building warm customer relations, and supporting social public welfare undertakings.

(一)Focusing on Party Building and Forging Ahead

Adhering to party building, SUNKIN Group has promoted and implemented the party’s routes, principles, and policies, and enhanced the political responsibility and sense of urgency of party members.

Efforts have been made to strengthen the education of party members, give full play to the vanguard role of party members in party branches, and set up a benchmark for party members in enterprises. The purpose is to establish a good work style of being realistic and pragmatic, play an exemplary role in the work, and aim for "common development" between party building work and enterprise operation.

(二)Fulfilling Responsibility and Focusing on Craftmanship

The CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the development of real estate and other industries related to people’s livelihood. Hence, SUNKIN Group has focused on people's livelihood needs based on "an accurate understanding of residential housing", and supported China’s urbanization development and urban renewal needs. Continuous efforts have been made to deliver high-quality residential products, and ingeniously meet people's yearning for a better life through the precise layout of 21 major projects.

Land is a non-renewable resource, and SUNKIN Group will always be in awe of it. In the future, SUNKIN Group will continue to adhere to the principles of quality first, trustfulness in speech and firmness in action, pioneering spirit and innovation, and build a better future for the city with the sense of mission and responsibility as one of the top 100 private enterprises in Qingdao.

(三) Fulfilling the Mission with Premium Services

SUNKIN Wyndham Hotel is the only French style continental garden hotel of about 50,000m2 in the north of Qingdao, and a project jointly managed by SUNKIN Group and the world-famous Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

n 2018, Qingdao SUNKIN Wyndham Hotel became the designated reception hotel for foreign guests of the Heads of State Council of SCO member states. Thus far it has successfully received such distinguished guests as Pakistan president and his delegation, General Tang Tianbiao, President Long Yuxiang of China International Cultural Exchange Center, Ambassador Sha Zukang of China-Pakistan Friendship Association. The hotel has been highly praised by guests for its impeccable hardware facilities, distinguished services and distinctive food and beverages.

Always upholding the mission entrusted by the CPC Central Committee, SUNKIN Wyndham Hotel has perfectly provided reception services for the heads of states. In the future, it will constantly improve its own connotation, strengthen innovation drive, optimize the product structure, cultivate new business forms and new services of the hotel, always ready for more international reception work.

(四)Spreading Warmth and Great Love without Boundaries

In the critical period of the pandemic, the CPC Central Committee promptly adopted the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures to prevent and control the pandemic, and the whole country worked as one to resolutely contain the spread of the epidemic and adhere to coordinated pandemic prevention and control. In active response to the unified anti-pandemic command of the government to ensure the safe production of public undertakings, SUNKIN Group immediately donated RMB 2 million to Qingdao Charity Federation for pandemic prevention and control, so as to help win this fight against COVID-19.

Deeply rooting corporate social responsibility in its own development gene, SUNKIN Group has participated in or initiated a number of public welfare undertakings. It established a charity fund named after the company name and continued to provide assistance and relief by donating more than RMB 7.8 million worth of materials to poor families in the community. Concerned about educational projects, SUNKIN Group has made donations to Dingyun Primary School in Guanling County, Anshun City, Guizhou, built SUNKIN Hope Primary School and donated RMB 80 million to Qingdao Chengyang No. 17 Middle School; it has further invested RMB 120 million to build Cuijiagou Primary school, and set up the RMB 1 million Golden Autumn Student Fund. Also paying attention to natural disaster relief, SUNKIN Group has donated RMB 1 million for relief efforts in Ludian Earthquake, Yunnan.

Integrating corporate growth with the lifeblood of the city, SUNKIN Group has bravely undertaken more social responsibilities, shown its care and given back to the society with practical actions, and is committed to the building of a harmonious society.

(五)  Leading the Progress with Red Property Service

To give play to the leading role of Party building and strengthen the construction of the Party branches in the communities, SUNKIN Service has actively set up the party organization, developed the red property service, and established the party building activity rooms under the leadership of the leaders.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, SUNKIN Service Center Party Branch organized and carried out the educational activity themed with Grateful for the Party, Adhering to the Leadership of the Party, Following the Path of the Party and Becoming Pioneers of the Party. Sticking to our loyalty to the motherland and the Party, sincerity to the people and originality to the cause, SUNKIN Service Center Party Branch further strengthened theoretical study, constantly enhanced professional skills, improved the management and service level to provide cordial and warm services to SUNKIN home owners.

(六)Carrying on the Mission and Following the Party

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council have always attached great importance to improving the business environment, and have thus implemented the Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment to comprehensively strengthen the government’s self-building, optimize the business environment, and support the development of the private economy.

A favorable business environment can lay a solid foundation for corporate development. Thankful for the encouragement and care of the Party Central Committee for private enterprises, SUNKIN Group has actively responded to the call of the Party Central Committee by seizing the opportunity, and making pioneering changes through innovative business models, technology models and management models.

For future, SUNKIN Group will continue to carry on the responsibility of pursuing better urban life, supporting urban development and social public welfare and charity. While strengthening the building of Group Party Branch and giving play to the biggest advantage of one of the top 100 private enterprises in Qingdao, SUNKIN Group will make contribution to the urban modernization with the spirit of persistence and ingenuity, always follow the steps of the Party, and forge ahead unswervingly.

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