Sunkin Auspicious Mansion: The Oriental Ritual Hall Opening up Starting the City’s Glory
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Sunkin Auspicious Mansion inherits merits of previous products, and starts the new glory. After several months’ preparation, the Oriental Ritual Hall of Sunkin Auspicious Mansion and the marketing center was grandly opened on May 1st with over one hundred guests visited the site, celebrating together by the Laoshan Mountain, and presenting a summit feast of garden art.

There were a lot of visitors in the marketing center of Sunkin Auspicious Mansion, where each stone and each type of material was sculptured elaborately, each flower and each plant picked carefully. Sunkin Auspicious Mansion inherits the product spirit of high quality, and continues to compose the city landscape feelings with grand trend.

Drum and Dance Show with Grand Traditional Style

The magnificent dance on the drum impressed the audience, with long sleeves showing the traditional charm, and the sound of Fou from all around surging to the sky. The feeling, accompanied by the dance and the music, is the perfect combination of strength and beauty, and the passionate collision between ideal and reality, which lit the enthusiasm of the scene.

The long sleeve dance reproduced the cultural customs of Chinese over one thousand years, with each step and post, each smile and frown, along with the peaceful and flexible dance movement. The music sound arose resonance between friends, creating the atmosphere of Taking the Guqin and plucking the strings, but only giving out a soft and short. The sound of harp goes on, and the flute flutters, playing the music chapter that is sung for thousands of years.

The Propitious Air Coming from East while the Residence with Grand Environment Released

At 9:58am, the opening ceremony officially began. Relevant leaders of Sunkin participated in the open ceremony and cut the ribbons. Mr. Li Zhen, the project marketing director of Sunkin Auspicious Mansion delivered a welcome speech, showing best wishes to the bright future of Sunkin Auspicious Mansion. As the high-end product of Sunkin Courtyard Series, Sunkin Auspicious Mansion reshaped the living culture of modern Chinese family, and brought landmark living experience to the island.

With Originality the Carved Mansion Encircles the World

The courtyard carries people's philosophy and world view. From royal Forbidden City to the folk quadrangle courtyard, it all shows the concept of one enclosed courtyard is a world of ones own. The visitors of the opening day focused most on how to realize the ideal courtyard life. Sunkin Auspicious Mansion planned the landscape courtyard with master spirit, and perfectly showed the new Chinese noble style.

Enjoying Feast with Friends 

Speaking of the most delicious Chinese dish, which one do you think of? The Buddha Jumps Over the Wall with Super Sea View” in the movie The God of Cookery is quite luxurious that it could be called “cornucopia of food, while the mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” cooked by the five-star Wyndham Hotel in Sunkin Auspicious Mansion is not inferior.

The soup is cooked by abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, and mushroom. Every food material in the soup can be cooked as a delicacy, while cooking together, the flavor is much more delicious.

It is no wonder men of literature and writing use the sentence when the jar is opened the fragrance floats around, even the Buddha stops the praying and jumps to the wall, trying to eat it” to describe its flavor.

The Sample Residence Tops the Courtyard Series of Classics

Combining the prosperity of city and the peace of nature to the right point will make the place become quite scarce. The persistence and originality of Sunkin Auspicious Mansion build the the belief of ideal residence by mountains, showing the respect towards life and deep understanding.

Sunkin Auspicious Mansion follows the ideal residence of ancient orient, recommending the concept of residence should be accompanied by landscape, and deeply implements the concept onto the plan and practice of the products.

From building up the villa groups with low density to achieve maximum landscape, to reconstruction of landscape garden, Sunkin Auspicious Mansion engages in creating the landscape gardens, showing the elegance of mountain villas that could not be reproduced again.

The opening ceremony was over, but the story of the mountain villas is about to begin. Here, you can meet the glory of courtyard thousands years ago, and enjoy the coziness and leisure of Picking chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, watching the Nanshan Mountain with pleasure. In the Oriental Ritual Hall of Sunkin Auspicious Mansion, you can realize all the beautiful imaginary of mountain life, which are all presented here, waiting for you to visit.

The Courtyard with Traditions of Thousands of Years

Town houses with the construction area of about 205-220

Overlapped courtyard with the construction area of about 165-190

European style residences with construction area of about 125-155

Poetic residence of extraordinary new Chinese style

Modern life returning to the courtyard, and compose the legend of island residence again!

The marketing center of Sunkin Auspicious Mansion is now open, register your interest now.


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